Webmail, refreshed.

With improved workflows and a modern, mobile-responsive interface, our new Webmail 
makes it easier to send emails, manage contacts, organize important events, and more.

Rest assured, you still have full control over the look and feel of your service. 

Your existing functionalities, features, settings, and integrations will remain intact.

We’ve created white-label marketing and support resources to help you prepare for the change 
and leverage the opportunity to promote your email service. Use them as you see fit. 

Marketing resources


Pre-made blog and email templates to support your communication efforts.


Support resources

Mobile responsive design
Whether on a smartphone or tablet, 
our mobile-friendly interface makes 
managing email on the go a breeze.

Refined calendar design
Staying organized is easy, with an intuitive 
calendar design that syncs with Android, Gmail, Mac OS X, iOS 5+, and Outlook.

Enhanced user experience 
All the tools and functionalities your 
customers need, accessible through sleek 
workflows and intuitive menu organization.

Webmail rollout timeline

Old Webmail deprecated: 
Sep. 5, 2019
The new Webmail will be the default interface. Users will not have the option to revert back to the old Webmail interface.

Stock photos

Stock photos of the new Webmail in action, ready to be used and shared.


An end-user overview sheet explaining the new Webmail experience.


Simplify your marketing and support

Webmail guide

This comprehensive guide covers everything your customers need to know about the new Webmail.

Cheat sheet

A concise overview 
of the Webmail fundamentals and popular workflows.

Webmail preview 

Learn how to enable the new Webmail for users to preview. 




Sept. 5

Have questions about the new Webmail? Email help@opensrs.com



Custom branding for Webmail guide

Have custom branding? Read this guide before enabling the new Webmail for your users to preview.


Webmail preview period: 
Jun. 18 - Sep. 4, 2019
The new Webmail will be available for preview for 3 months. This is a great opportunity for resellers to promote the refreshed interface and train teams before the change becomes permanent.